Born and raised in Portland, ME and working in Chicago, IL, Samuel Murphy is an emerging artist and filmmaker as well as an MFA graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Film, Video, New Media and Animation department.

My research dwells in conceptual combinations of absurdism and kitchen sink realism though specified historical and cultural investigation. I heavily examine cross contamination of mass media and its influence in the realms of film, television, music, art, politics, society, infrastructure and religion. Attempting to push the emotional quality of image and audio in order to establish environments that balance abstract visuals and loose narrative storytelling.

I mainly work with 35mm photography, super 8mm and double 8mm film, digital filmmaking, spray painting and multi-monitor based installation. I process and develop all my celluloid by hand in my home.

All paintings are available for sale, starting at 5$ and going up depending on size and cost of materials. Please feel free to contact me at smlmrphy15@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries you may have.